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Twins Wednesday Links: Ron Gardenhire’s motorcycle escapades

Ehire Adrianza gets punked and Gardy takes his coaches fishing in the gulf

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Did you see Ehire Adrianza get punked by the old hidden ball trick the other day? Miguel Cabrera made our utility infielder look like the Clown Prince of TOOTBLAN, so watch the video below

That game was the first time in over a decade that the Twins and Tigers played in Fort Myers. Fort Myers homeowner, and Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire sounded ecstatic at the opportunity. Gardy took advantage of the locale to ride his motorcycle to the game, and looked great doing so. In a move that we only could have hoped to invent for satire, he took Steve Liddle and some other coaches out fishing for the off day between playing the Twins and Red Sox. Rick Anderson declined the opportunity, stating that he likes to have his feet [pitch to] contact solid ground. I’m paraphrasing here. Reusse caught up with Gardy and it’s a great profile into the life of a living legend. Another fun fact from that Reusse article, Fort Myers Miracle manager Toby Gardenhire, Ron’s son, lives rent-free in his parents home. Someone write up a fanpost about this.

Betsy Helfand lists off five spring training stars for the Twins. A couple of them are guys who are absolutely vital to the success of the Twins, so hopefully this is some great news. Even if Miguel Sano hasn’t played, a breakout season from Byron Buxton, along with progress from Max Kepler and a great season from Martin Perez will bode well for the 2019 season.

More Betsy (she’s as great as her predecessor on the Twins beat for the Pioneer Press,) this time profiling the Minnesotans who make their way to Hammond Stadium each spring. Oh, not the Twins, but rather the Twins fans who have found a position as an usher for the Spring Training games. It sounds like an ideal “retirement” job to me, but I’m a millennial, so retirement is probably a pipe dream.

The Twins rolled out a pretty cool ticket plan, if you want to see a bunch of games for cheap. As little as $50 per month gets you standing-room admission, and there are also packages with 300 level and 100 level seats. I know someone already admitted to purchasing a pass in the comments.