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Community Discussion: What does “Success” look like in 2019?

Do we need to hoist a trophy?

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

How do you define success? A dictionary would probably say something like “achieving your goals.” While winning the World Series is obviously the goal of every MLB team (besides the Marlins, who knows what they are trying to do,) only one team gets that honor each season, and 29 fall short. Many of those teams probably had another goal, knowing that a world championship may not have been attainable in that season.

For the 2019 Twins, do you believe that a World Series is a requirement for a successful season? If so, why?

If you believe that the Twins can have a successful season without a title, what would your requirement be? Are you looking for a playoff berth, a division championship, a lone playoff victory, or just player development?

Some would say that a successful season for the Twins would simply involve keeping Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano relatively healthy, and productive. You might think that a successful season wouldn’t happen without the Twins finding some pitching. But—I’m not here to define success for you, that’s what the comments are for!