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Learn more about baseball with the 90feetfromhome Youtube channel

A new project aims to make baseball accessible to everyone.

Roll ‘Em Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

If you asked my opinion (and I know you didn’t) I’d say baseball doesn’t have a pace-of-play problem (at least not entirely,) but rather an education problem, and a passion problem. That is to say, I think the bigger issue is that many people who have the “baseball is boring” mindset have never truly been exposed to the rich traditions of the game, and the little nuances that make it interesting from pitch-to-pitch. These things are not in any curricula of course, but are passed on by passionate fans.

I bring this up because one of the smartest and most passionate baseball fans I know of has taken it upon herself to do something about the education part.

Friend of Twinkie Town Ashley MacLennan has written for Fangraphs and the Hardball Times, and is a huge part of our sister sites Bless You Boys, DRaysBay, and Bleed Cubbie Blue. In other words, she’s been around the whole covering baseball thing for a bit, but now she has a new project that I’m really excited for — a youtube channel.

I asked Ashley about the project, and she told me “The whole premise is to make baseball accessible for everyone, I’ll be explaining the ins and outs from basics to advanced stats to history and I’ll actually be doing a Target Field video this summer!”

The channel will formally launch within the next couple weeks (she says “in March”) with new videos on Tuesday and Thursday. They’ll be short (5-10 minutes each,) and I’ll be watching for sure.

I’ve embedded the channel’s preview video below, so check it out, and get ready for a great resource for new baseball fans to learn the game, old fans to have a great time, and everything in between.