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Could Jose Berrios win the Cy Young Award? The odds say... yes?

Odds for MLB’s end of year awards are out and the Twins’ ace is among the contenders

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins - Game One Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

BetOnline released odds for the 2019 MLB MVP and Cy Young awards and Twins ace Jose Berrios is listed as a long shot bet to win the award, but the fact that he’s on the list is a sign of respect.

Berrios is listed as a 28-1 favorite to win the AL Cy Young this season. The fourth-year righty isn’t exactly a front runner in the league to win the award, but his name is among the likes of Corey Kluber, Chris Sale and probable crazy person Trevor Bauer.

Berrios is 29-27 through three seasons with a career ERA of 4.47. Berrios is coming off his first ever All-Star selection after a 12-11, 3.84 season.

The 2019 season is projected to be more of the same for Berrios so maybe putting down $100 on him isn’t the smartest investment to make. But, if Kevin from The Office can bet on 10,000 to 1 John Mellencamp Oscar odds, maybe Jose Berrios at 28 to 1 to win the Cy Young isn’t outside the realm of possibility.

While we here at Twinkie Town do not necessarily condone gambling, If you do choose to partake in such acts, consider throwing a dollar or two toward the Twins’ ace.