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Eleven people who are nicer than Joe Mauer

The Twins legend is known for being nice, but some people are even nicer

Minnesota Twins v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images
  1. Your mom’s friend Sue, who always bakes cookies for Sunday school
  2. Mr. Rogers
  3. the teller at the bank who is always way, way too happy to actually be at work
  4. The random Nuns you sometimes see out shopping for groceries
  5. Captain America
  6. That one lady in the office who secretly runs the company and always refills the coffee pot
  7. Bob Ross
  8. Your elderly neighbor who waters your plants when you go out of town
  9. Bob Barker
  10. That puppy dog that followed you home and never left
  11. Dora the Explorer
  12. The sales guy at the Chevy dealer who seemed oddly familiar and kept drinking from a glass of milk.