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Listen to TJ on Royals Review Radio

If you really want to hear more of my takes on the Twins

His Master’s Voice
June 1929: A dog listening to the radio with earphones, whilst smoking a pipe.
Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images

Our friends over at Royals Review have a pretty doggone good podcast called “Royal Review Radio,” and last night they asked me to spend a few minutes talking to them about the Twins, as a part of their season preview programming.

We talked about Kyle Gibson, because Kyle Gibson, and Willians Astudillo, because Astudillo is awesome. We also talked a little bit about the roster as a whole, and the Twins chances of being decent this year.

I also made fun of Cleveland’s (lack of) offense a few times, because why not?

The first half of the episode is our conversation about the Twins, and the second half is Royals programming, but the second half is way better to listen to, in my opinion.

Anyway, if you for some really strange reason want to hear my stupid voice and my stupid opinions, click here to head on over for a listen.