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The 2019 Twins, As Told in Limericks

There once was a ballclub in Minny...

British Masters - Day Four Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

(Inspired by TJ’s Astudillo limerick)

In the Central, it’s Cleveland who’s reigning
With a foursome left crownless complaining.
But fans of the Twins
Anticipate wins
And keep watch for the Indians waning.

To win those additional games,
The new year brings new faces and names.
Minnesota? That crop
Begins at the top:
Baldelli’s in charge of our aims.

Can the starting rotation save face?
With Berríos a blossoming ace
And Gibson at two,
This couplet looks true;
Will the back end perform or need grace?

The bullpen’s all right, at a glance;
Lacking “names,” but in skill? An expanse.
None selected to close,
But authority knows
That’s no longer the popular stance.

There’s additional talent to find
With both Kimbrel and Keuchel unsigned.
But there’s no use pretending:
This team is done spending
And hoping the fanbase won’t mind.

But some moves received praise, no dissensions.
(That’s the Kepler/Polanco extensions.)
What’s to come, we don’t know,
But we’ll watch as they grow
Into players of grander dimensions.

Other prospects, once lauded, bring worry:
We know Buxton’s got glove and can scurry,
But his bat? Who can tell.
And Sanó’s on IL,
So we hope he’s back soon - but don’t hurry.

Still, the sluggers are flush in this lineup,
Bringing billets of ashwood or pine up.
You’ve got Rosie and Cron,
But it’s Cruz on the throne!
Join the fandom? “Wow! Where can I sign up?”

Any one of the catchers could start;
All three possess talent and heart.
It’s a medley of riches:
At bat, framing pitches;
They each on this team have their part.

There’s one hole that we feared hadn’t healed
With Joe Mauer departing the field.
Who’s the guy whose employ
Will bring spectators joy?
I suspect that the answer’s revealed.

Of true outcomes, they say there’s a trio,
But they fall to the prized Astudillo.
Not a player is like him;
No pitcher can psych him;
He restores Minnesota - our Neo.

Still, our hope for the playoffs may seem
To be naught but a vaporous dream.
Will October be plain
Or a blast of champagne?
Either way that it goes, they’re our team.