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When we should expect to see Miguel Sano return

Sano will be back soon. What should we expect from him?

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If you remember back to the offseason, a lot of the talk and hype from this Twins team was getting both Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton back from injury to play a full season. Well we’ve seen Buxton return, and wow does he look good. When will we finally see Sano again?

There have been a few positive signs from him lately. He took batting practice on the field last Saturday and was seen taking grounders before the Sunday game. He appears to be getting ready to play again but it’s likely we won’t see him for a few weeks still. Derek Falvey, Twins chief baseball officer, said Sano will be sent down to Fort Myers this week for some more work. Over these last few weeks Sano has reportedly been working out regularly in a Minneapolis gym. So he’s looking good and should be ready to play but he still has a few weeks or so until we see him with the Twins.

He has recently taken to Instagram (@miguelsano_22) to talk about how excited he is.

The extended time until Sano’s return is due to the fact that he missed the entirety of Spring Training. When he gets to Florida he will be basically going through his own separate Spring Training in order to properly train for this season. When he has finished with that, it is likely he will begin at either AA or AAA just to get his feet wet again.

Official expected return: Early May.

So while it’s a bit disappointing that we still won’t see Sano for about a month, this lineup has shown they can produce without him. When he does return it’ll be adding a powerful impact bat to an already amazing lineup. I mean, even our backup catchers hit the ball hard consistently.

What can we expect to see from Sano? I think we will get to witness the 2017 version of Miguel again. The 30+ home run power should be there. He had a wonderful offseason that has been overshadowed by this recent injury. You have to remember the countless hours of work he put in, along a new diet from the team to help lose all the weight over the winter. He definitely has the right mindset going in as well. In an interview Saturday, he said I’m ready to do everything,” “I feel really good, my leg feels great, and as soon as they tell me I need to start doing everything, I’ll start. I feel really good.”


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