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Doubling Up: Let’s Play Two!

I’ve had some fun times spending 6+ hours of a day at the ballpark

NLDS: Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago Cubs - Game 3
“Let’s play two!” (Ernie Banks)
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

This past Saturday, the Twins had some doubleheader fun in Baltimore: 28 hits, 22 runs, 11 home runs and (most importantly) 2 victories. About as good of a double-dip at the ballpark as can be had.

This got me thinking about some of the experiences I’ve had involving doubleheaders—or doubleheaders of sorts—an activity that I’m always up for (especially when it is a two-for-one deal!)...

  • In 1996, when I would have been 11 years old, my Dad and I saw the Twins host the Oakland A’s twice on Saturday, June 8. Mark McGwire was still an Athletic at that time, and would go on to hit 52 big flies that season. He didn’t hit any that day, but I’ll never forget the show he put on in batting practice at the Dome, either. The Twins took the first contest behind a solid start from Rich Robertson, but dropped the back end 13-7 when Pat Mahomes (yes, the father of the Patrick Mahomes you know from the NFL) did not fare nearly as well.
  • During Target Field’s inaugural 2010 season, I held a ticket for a Wednesday night, May 26 clash with the New York Yankees. It couldn’t have been more than the second or third time I would have passed through the gates. The night before, I settled into my couch to watch the first game of the series, only to see it suspended due to rain after five innings. The announcement was made that the rest of that contest would be made-up before the next night’s game, so badda-boom...a game and a half for me! Of course, the Twins lost both because, you know, Yankees. A Derek Jeter homer was the only run needed to win the resumed game, while Nick Swisher spoiled a really good Francisco Liriano start by homering off Jon Rauch in the ninth to provide the margin of victory in the regularly-scheduled contest.
  • As with most of us here, 2015 was such a fun season in terms of watching competitive baseball. Down the stretch run in September, the Twins welcomed the Angels for two on Saturday, September 19. Despite Miguel Sano hitting a monster HR to tie the game late, the Twins fell to the Halos 3-2 in 12 innings during the first tilt. To kill time waiting for the second game to begin, I walked to Pizza Luce and ordered three slices of pepperoni. I even found social media documentation of this experience...

This proved to be a mistake, as they did not sit well with me. I spent a fair amount of time in the Target Field restroom during that next game. Not helping matters: the Twins lost again, 5-2.

  • Finally, I’m going to cheat a little here. Each summer during my childhood/adolescence, I spent a fair amount of time at my grandparents’ lake cabin in northern MN. I’d want to get to some games, but the two-hour drive made it not exactly a spur-of-the-moment decision. So, I’d look for quick turnarounds, like when the Twins would play on a Friday night and then 1:00 Saturday. I can’t tell you how many times myself and assorted family members would drive to a night game, attend the next day’s matinee, and be back at the cabin to take a dip later that night. This pic was undoubtedly taken during one of those excursions (me being the giant, of course)...

I haven’t yet gotten to a game this ‘19 season, but I have May 11—a doubleheader with the Tigers—circled on my calendar!