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Monday Morning Minnesota: To Flip or not to Flip

Flip, obviously! This isn’t a hard question!

Minnesota Twins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Previously on TwinkieTown:

Elsewhere in Twins Territorry

  • Bat flipping is a hot issue right now. Grow men on the internet are getting mad at grown men on the internet for getting mad at grown men on the baseball field for getting mad at grown men on the baseball field showing emotion. (I think I wrote that correctly, at least.) Well here’s how some Twins players feel about bat flipping, per the Duluth News Tribune.
  • Our Friends over at Twins Daily cover a chat with Twins president Dave St. Peter about concession prices, ticket prices, and attracting the 25-35 year old demographic. As a member of that demographic, my advice to Dave is to make things even cheaper because we millennials have roughly 0 dollars to our collective names. (Or y’know, make sure to put together teams that win a lot.)
  • People once joked that Byron Buxton was a Byron Buston. But really it seems he’s just a Byron Buxtonion and he just needed a few seasons to peel away the layers (and leg kicks) that that were weighting him down. (No, I’m not ashamed of that joke. ) Now Buxton is performing well and its all due to “being himself.”

General Baseball Stuff:

Today’s soundtrack is from Dark Cloud, a game that largely was my childhood and I mostly just wonder if anyone else has played it. I’ll be your friend forever.