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Rosario snubbed for MLB’s Player of the Week honors

One would think five homers in two days would win it.

Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As Major League Baseball does every Monday afternoon, they announced the Player of the Week - one each from the American League and National League - for this week. Last time I checked, Eddie Rosario is not Joey Gallo, nor does he play for the Texas Rangers, so I believe that the MLB has a mix-up on their hands after this two homers and this robbery by Rosario in game one of this past Saturday’s doubleheader against the Baltimore Orioles:

Additionally, the two home runs in that game made it back-to-back two-homer games for Rosario, and he would tack on another bomb in the night-cap to make it three home runs in one day and five in three games. Gallo couldn’t do that as he only belted four homers in four days. Weak!

Rosario supplemented his five homers with another homer earlier in the week along with a single, a double, a walk, and a total of nine RBI.

Although Rosario did not win AL Player of the Week this time around, he’ll have many chances to get those honors this year with the pace he’s setting right now (from our own Carlson_MnTwins):