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Jorge Polanco hits for the cycle against the Phillies

The Twins shortstop becomes the eleventh player to complete the feat in team history.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Twins shortstop Jorge Polanco got their game against the Phillies off to a good start of Friday with a lead-off triple. Subsequent hitters failed to drive Polanco in, but it turned out his triple was not all-for-naught — Polanco went on to become the eleven player to hit for the cycle in Twins history.

After hitting the triple in the first inning, Polanco came up to bat in the third inning and hit a single. His next at bat was in the fifth inning, and he hit a home run.

After that, of course, all he needed was a double for the cycle, which he hit in the top of the seventh inning. He’s the first player to hit for the cycle so far this year.

Today’s feat makes Polanco the eleventh Twin to hit for the cycle. Can you guess the rest? You totally cannot, you liar.

Here they are:

  • César Tovar (9/19/72)
  • Larry Hisle (6/4/76)
  • Lyman Bostock (7/24/76)
  • Mike Cubbage (7/27/78)
  • Gary Ward (9/18/80)
  • Kirby Puckett (8/1/86)
  • Carlos Gómez (5/7/08)
  • Jason Kubel (4/17/09)
  • Michael Cuddyer (5/22/09)

In a way, we really won the Super Bowl here. Just squint a little.