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Twins 7, Mariners 1: Nice kRISPies

Your favorite team did done won.

Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners
That’s a stretch.
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Martin Perez continued his season of the magical super-cutter tonight, after looking like he might be vulnerable to standard human frailty in his last game. Four walks, which is unfortunate, but seven strikeouts, which is good.

Twins hitters honored the ghost of Mitch Garver by picking on Mariners starter Marco Gonzales, who up until now had been having a pretty good year. In fact, they didn’t do the long dong barrage you’re used to; it was all singles and doubles, save the scoring-opening whomper by Ehire Adrianza. (Yes, you read that right.)

Matt Magill and Mike Morin tidied up the end, per request.

Sorry for the late & lazy recap. I’ve got some kind of weird tired I can’t quite shake off. Standard West Coast joke: “maybe it’s a tumor!” “It’s naught ah toomeh!” From Kindergarten Cop, which was filmed in Oregon and whose star later became governor of California. My brother was in charge of running Kal-ee-four-knee-uh’s economy during that administration. It went OK. Big state, lots of tricky stuff, the economy. And I can’t even do a dang recap on time. We each have our skills, and I’m still waiting to discover mine... Robot Roll Call:

Another 9:10 game tomorrow. I know, it’s late, but I’m not in charge of the Earth’s rotation. Be well rested, and thanks to all who joined tonight’s gamethread.