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Twins 8, Astros 2: Peacock Season

Twins beat up on the poor, majestic peafowl and get all of the runs.

Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins
RIP Brad Peacock
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Short version of the recap:

Long version of the recap:

José Berríos wasn't even really at the top of his game tonight, and it is a testament to his ability that "not at the top of his game” only equals 2 runs allowed. Doesn't matter though, a 40 something year-old Mike Pelfrey could win this game when the offense scores roughly infinite runs in one inning. Astros starter Brad Peacock would not get infinite run support.

Alex Bregman took Berríos deep in the first to give the Astros a quick 1 run lead. Berríos overcame a 2-out double in the 2nd, and back to back singles to lead off the 3rd and kept his team in the game. Thus when Jason Castro Jason Castroked a dong of of his own in the bottom of the 3rd, it was a brand new ballgame. And what a Game of Balls it would be.

Leading off the 4th, Josh Reddick robbed Eddie Rosario of an extra-base hit with a slick diving catch, but he wouldn't be able to catch every ball hit everywhere as demonstrated by the following 8 at bats.

  • C.J Cron walks. Cool.
  • Marwin Gonzaléz singles, Cron to third. (At this point I stopped playing video games and started actually paying attention to baseball.)
  • Johnathan Schoop singles, Cron scores. Yay!
  • Jason Castro doubles in Marwin and Schoop. Very Yay!
  • Byron Buxton triples. Castro scores. Rumbling can be felt all throughout the southern United states.
  • Buxton scores on a Max Kepler sac fly. The entire city of Houston begins to sink into the abyss.
  • Jorge Polanco ground-rule doubles.
  • Nelson Cruz doubles. Polanco scores. Brad Peacock folds in on himself like a video game glitch, creates a black hole and ends the world.

And yet baseball must continue.

The Twins would tack on an 8th run the next inning off some shenanigans, and the Astros would start the 7th with three straight singles and Tony Kemp's sac-fly would make the score 8-2. Ryne Harper and Trevor may got through the 8th and 9th without further damage, and the Twins take the series (and season series) against a very very good Astros team.

The 19-10 Minnesota squad will head to New York with the best record in the AL, and possibly (pending the results of the Cardinals - Nationals game tonight) the best record in the MLB.

That's a pretty good team.


Jason Castro, he of 4 RBIs.
Byron Buxton: Did this.



Have an amazing Thursday night! Enjoy this Tweet of mine that I like in case you were looking for more bad puns and typos in your recap.