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Twins fans reportedly unhappy about lack of home runs

Surveys conducted say that fans expect an average of five homers per game.

More dongs are what fans want.
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

After the Minnesota Twins became only the second team to reach the 100-home-run mark within the first fifty games of the regular season on Friday night, met only by the 1999 Seattle Mariners, Twins fans are pretty disappointed that the team isn’t mashing more taters in games. Many fans have been dismayed when their favorite team fails to hit at least five homers in one contest.

“Yeah, it kinda sucks hardcore when you go to a game at Target Field and you don’t see a lot of action, like only four or five homers,” says Gary Cephora, a Twins fan from Henderson, Minn. “You come to the ballpark expecting to see that type of thing when they’ve been hitting that well. I’ve almost asked for a refund the couple times I’ve gone.”

Some fans are even clamoring for players to be traded or sent down since they’re not mashing as many taters so far this season. Says Julie Ponderosa of Grand Forks, N.D., “There’s some real losers on the team that aren’t doing their part to put the ball over the wall. Who’s got the least homers this season? Jason Castro? Nelson Cruz? His nickname is supposedly “Boomstick”, yet he’s only hit a few dingers this season. What gives? You gotta let them go.” When asked about fan-favorite Willians Astudillo, Ponderosa stopped short of saying anything about sending him down. “He’s loved by a lot of fans, so maybe he can stick around bit longer to see if he can get up to speed.”

Eddie Rosario, C.J. Cron, Max Kepler, and Jonathan Schoop have each already reached double-digits in the home run column this season, while Miguel Sano has only played in eight games and has hit five dongs. “He’s quite the menace,” Twins fan Jim Jimson of Hudson, Wisc., said about Sanó. “That [Byron] Buxton guy, though. Who cares about doubles and triples? We can’t settle for miniscule hits like that. He needs more power.”

Although fans are expecting more out of this Twins team for the rest of the season, many are saying that they’ll give them time before they really start voicing their opinions about trades. “No, this isn’t anything like when Joe Mauer was wasting my money, getting paid $23 million per year to do nothing at the plate,” said Blame Mauer Bot when asked about this year’s offensive surge. “Lots of players have time before I might have to consider changing my name.”