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2019 All-Star Game voting has begun!


Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again to do your civic duty. No, not the governmental elections, silly. We’ve come upon the part of the baseball season where we as fans are tasked with voting in players to the MLB All-Star Game, and many Minnesota Twins players are definitely worthy of playing in this annual classic. This year, the game is being played at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

This year’s voting is not the same as it has been in past years where there is one voting period and the top vote-getter at each position wins the starting job. Major League Baseball changed the rules this off-season to have a first round of voting, called The Primary, followed by a second round of voting called The Starters Election.

The Primary started yesterday at 2p Eastern and lasts until Friday, June 21, at 4p Eastern. The top three finalists at each position (the top nine players for the outfield), who will be announced at 7p on June 21 on MLB Network during their broadcast of the New York Yankees-Houston Astros game, will move forward to The Starters Election. Fans then have between noon Eastern on Wednesday, June 26, and 4p Eastern on Thursday, June 27, to vote between the finalists in each position for their favorite to be in the starting lineup.

A couple of changes have been made regarding the number of times you can vote, too. During The Primary, you can vote up to five times per day if you use or a team’s MLB-sanctioned website. An alternate method to voting is using the Google. MLB provides this explanation about voting via Google:

At Google Search, using the search “MLB Vote” or searching for player names, fans can fill out one complete ballot and vote for every position, or vote for up to 17 unique players per day. So if, say, you want to vote for multiple NL first basemen, you can do so, but each one will count against your total of 17 players.

The MLB has done away with the Final Vote for the last roster spot on each league’s team, and the bench position players and the pitching staff will be determined by player votes and decisions from the Commissioner’s Office.

As TeamCrazyMatt talked about a couple weeks ago, many Twins players are making great cases to be voted into the All-Star Game. Heck, with all the dingers they’re hitting, maybe we’ll see one or two in the Home Run Derby!

Go out and vote five times for your favorite Twins player today! (...and tomorrow! ...and every day until June 21!)