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How far could you travel on Twins’ homers this year?

Planes, trains, and home run balls?

Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

How many of you have seen the movie Ant-Man? The premise of the movie is that Paul Rudd has a suit that he can change his size in. He can shrink himself to the size of an ant, or grow himself to the size of a skyscraper. So imagine for a second that you have one of these suits. You shrink yourself down to the size of an ant, and attach yourself to the baseballs that have been sent into orbit by the Twins roster this year. How far could you travel?

The Twins have hit 106 whammies this year (that’s a lot of times to hope you don’t end up between the ball and a hard place). Here’s the distances these hammers have traveled before crashing down to the earth, by player:

Jason Castro: 425 ft average * 7 moonshots = 2,975 ft

Jonathan Schoop: 417 ft average * 10 dingers = 4,170 ft

Nelson Cruz: 414 ft average * 7 boomsticks = 2,898 ft

C.J. Cron: 405 ft average * 13 laser beams = 5,265 ft

Max Kepler: 403 ft average * 12 schüsse = 4,836 ft

Miguel Sano: 403 ft average * 5 jonrónes = 2,015 ft

Marwin Gonzalez: 402 ft average * 5 happy slaps = 2,010 ft

Byron Buxton: 402 ft average * 5 four-baggers = 2,010 ft

Ehire Adrianza: 401 ft average * 4 utility jacks = 1,604 ft

Mitch Garver: 400 ft average * 9 hot sauces = 3,600 ft

Jorge Polanco: 390 ft average * 9 round-trippers = 3,510 ft

Eddie Rosario: 390 ft average * 17 bombas = 6,630 ft

Luis Arraez: 384 ft average * 1 dong = 384 ft

Willians Astudillo: 383 ft average * 2 artillery shells = 766 ft

All these homers add up to a grand total of 42,673 feet, which converts to 8.08 miles. How long is 8.08 miles? Side note: The Twins are on pace to get to 24 miles worth of home run balls. Imagine the trips you could take with 24 miles to spend!

  • 13.0035 kilometers, for our Canadian friends
  • 5.05 trips from Target Field to U.S. Bank Stadium for fall doubleheaders
  • 3.03 trips from sea level to the top of Pike’s Peak (by altitude)
  • 1.01 trips from Surly Brewing to Summit Brewing
  • 3/10s of a marathon
  • 3.38/100,000s of a trip to the moon from Earth

Fittingly, by riding on the home run balls hit by the Twins so far this year, you could make almost exactly one trip from one of the Twin Cities’ most premier breweries to another of the most prestigious breweries in the Metro. Although it would be an adventure keeping down your Furious IPA on the trip to Summit, what with the sudden accelerations and many impacts. It'd be a lot like an Uber ride, really.

What was the best term for “home run” used in this article? Let me know below!