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Four Twins players make final round of All-Star Game voting

One Twins player missed the cut by a slim margin.

Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The voting process for the All-Star Game, being played at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio, this year, changed this off-season, being broken into two rounds - the Primary and the Starters Election - and the first round of voting finished up yesterday at 3p Central. The finalists at each position were announced during the New York Yankees-Houston Astros game yesterday starting at 6p Central.

Good news for Twins Territory, as four of our favorite Minnesota Twins made it into the final round of voting to determine the starters for the American and National Leagues!

  • C.J. Cron, 1B; Cron has not been an All-Star in his career, but he’s putting up career-high numbers right now. He’s already hit 16 homers this year - over half as much as the 30 he hit with the Tampa Bay Rays last year. He has career-highs on his triple slash as well, hitting .279/.344/.534 with an OPS+ of 131. He’ll be competing with Carlos Santana of the Cleveland Indians and Luke Voit of the New York Yankees for the most votes.
  • Eddie Rosario, OF; Rosie has also never been on an All-Star roster in his young career. He’s co-leading the Twins in homers with a total of 19, has notched 55 RBIs, and is hitting .271/.302/.514. Rosario will be aiming to be one of the top three vote-getters along with Mookie Betts of the Boston Red Sox; Michael Brantley, Josh Reddick, and George Springer of the Houston Astros; Austin Meadows of the Tampa Bay Rays; Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels; Joey Gallo of the Texas Rangers; and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees.
  • Jorge Polanco, SS; he is also part of the young crew that has not been part of an All-Star Game yet. He’s done his part as a Bomba Squad member, launching 11 homers. More importantly, he’s leading the American League with his batting average of .326 and leads all of MLB with 95 hits. Polanco is joined by Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros and Gleyber Torres of the New York Yankees.
  • Nelson Cruz, DH; Boomstick has been to the All-Star Game six times, most recently in 2017 and 2019. He’s hit 13 homers and is hitting .277/.365/.554 right now along with 36 RBI. Cruz will be looking to beat J.D. Martinez of the Boston Red Sox and Hunter Pence of the Texas Rangers.

Bad news is that Twins outfielder Max Kepler missed the list... by 138 total votes. Gallo beat him with 904,563 votes over Kepler’s 904,425. Apparently Kepler’s 19 homers and his tying and winning the 17-inning game against the Boston Red Sox this past week was not enough to get voters to click on his face.

The Starters Election starts at 11a on Wednesday and ends at 3p Thursday, so it runs for only 28 hours. Winners will be announced on Thursday night at 7p on ESPN.