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Game 82: Twins at White Sox

First Pitch: 3:12 pm CDT


Watch: TIBN

This afternoon, the Twins will look for some revenge against the White Sox, who won Friday night’s bomb-heavy contest. This afternoon’s game will begin at 12 minutes past the hour, on account of a White Sox “312” hat promotion to advertise Chicago’s area code and to shame those who use “773.”

Michael Pineda takes the ball for the Twins. While Jose Berrios gave Minnesota the long outing they needed after the 18-inning game with Tampa Bay, it would still be nice to keep the bullpen on ice for one more afternoon. Unfortunately, Pineda hasn’t gone seven innings in over a month, posting a 4.28 ERA in that stretch. The Twins have gone 4-2 in those six games.

He’s facing Ivan Nova, whose pitching ability has kind of fallen off the face of the earth. Nova has been a historically inconsistent pitcher (his ERAs from 2011-2014 go 3.70, 5.02, 3.10, 8.27) and this appears to be one of his worse years. He holds a 5.91 ERA and hasn’t faced Minnesota yet this season.

Ideally, the Twins will launch some bombas off him today, but if they don’t, I’ll be able to incorporate “Nova-caine” into the headline, which is a win for everybody.