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Monday Morning Minnesota: I’m Gonna Be Late Edition

Links, Links, Links!

Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Hey Twinklers! My internet was down all day Sunday until 5:30 AM this very morning, giving me roughly 30 min to write this thing/get dressed/eat breakfast/play children’s card games on my phone/check messages/cry a lot, before I have to leave for my part-time job being cool elsewhere. Please forgive any omissions/typos/poor quality. Thanks!

Good luck Tawny from like a minute from now!

Thanks Tawny From like 3 minutes ago!

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Today’s sountrack is - sigh - Look, I don’t have any time to pretend I want to listen to anything other than the Team Select theme from NBA JAM on loop until I die.

Have a JAMMIN day, y’all!