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An updated look at the Twins playoff and World Series odds

Despite a small slump, the Twins are in a great place

The Twins have been going through a noticeable struggle lately, so I decided to take another look at the playoff and World Series odds at the halfway point of the season. I did one of these back on May 10th so it’s been nearly two months since the latest look at this. Despite a small slump recently, the Twins playoff chances have risen 15% from when I last checked and the division has risen by nearly 40%. On the other hand, the Indians have fallen off a ton from where they were supposed to be.

This chart shows all that information, including the chances to win the World Series.

This next chart shows the growth (or decline, sorry Cleveland) of the playoff chances since the beginning of the season. The Twins playoff chances have seen the 2nd best growth in baseball behind only the Braves and the division win has seen the best growth in baseball for the Twins. Inversely, the Indians have had the worst drop off in all of baseball.

This final image shows just how differently this season has gone from what the projections were saying. Sadly the three basement teams are just hanging out at the bottom with a close three way tie of 0.0% for the playoffs. The fun part is seeing the Twins and Indians cross in early May and the Twins never looked back. Recently with our “slump” we have dipped from 98% to 97% so we better be very careful to not fall off anymore or else we will be in trouble. Not really.

Overall the Twins appear to be in great shape at the halfway point of the season even though it may sometimes feel like the roof is caving in. With injuries to our top four outfielders the Twins are still playing solid baseball and have guaranteed themselves a winning month of June.

The Twins are currently on a 98-64 pace for the season so how about we all just enjoy the summer without complaining about this team too much because we certainly have a special group here in Minnesota.