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Monday Morning Minnesota: Waiting Around to Win

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Win, win, and win some more.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

Previously on Twinkle Town:

  • Cooper Carlson checked out the updated playoff and WS odds. You’ll like them, presuming you like happiness and joy. A playoff appearance is basically a given at this point, we just need to wait around until the time comes. Personally, I only like sadness. BOO WINNING!
  • We had a cool trivia feature on Friday in case you like looking up answers on Google and then pretending you did not. If you lie to yourself long enough, you’ll forget you are lying!
  • A recap will also exist. Look it up if I forget to edit this later to include it!

Elsewhere In Twins Territory:

  • Sports Illustrated thinks the Twins should trade for Will Smith. I want this to happen for the same reasons as Hayden tweets below.

Around The Horn

“Lowering your expectations just enough to be—every once in a while—caught up in the joyous moment of surprise. “

This accurately describes my Twins fanning every year of my adult life that isn’t this one.


Today’s soundtrack is a really pretty song used in the final Walking Dead PC game. I mostly just want someone to tell me what the hell genre this is so I can find more like it. Dreary miserable folk country?