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Game 91: Twins at Cleveland

Minnesota looks to keep on pushing that lead.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

First Pitch: 6:10 pm CDT


Radio: TIBN

Holding the momentum after an exciting comeback win last night, the Twins will continue to expand their lead against Cleveland by sending forth one of their two All-Star starting pitchers.

It’ll be Jake Odorizzi tonight, making his first start since July 2nd. Odo’s coming off of the IL with that blister injury, and he’s also looking to wipe the slate clean from his late four starts, during which he’s had a 7.85 ERA. Hopefully, he just needed a break, and he’ll be getting back to more palatable numbers soon.

Alternating usage of the pitcher’s mound with Odorizzi will be Trevor Bauer, who leads the league in both batters faced and batters hit by the pitch. The Twins have already faced him twice this year; once in a one-run loss during the opening weekend, and once in a 5-4 win on the road. Bauer has been alternating between dominance and mediocrity over his last four starts, and if my math holds up, he’s due for mediocrity again.

Lineups available soon.