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Study: The Twins are one of the most affordable teams for their fans

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And one of the best, too!

Photo by Carol Smiljan/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Many Twins fans complain about the team’s ownership being “cheap”. Well, maybe it’s the Twins fans who are cheap!

A new study conducted by The Cost Guys looked into which MLB teams are the most affordable to their fan base. By taking into account things such as the median income of a family in the team’s market, the average cost of four tickets to a game, and the average cost of four drinks and four hot dogs at the ballpark, the company was able to break down how many hours of work (on average) it takes for a family to have a day at the ballgame.

Using these methods, the Twins come in as the fourth most affordable team in the MLB. On the flip side, the dreaded Cleveland squad is the least affordable team in the league. Cleveland is up with many of the big-market teams, such as the Cubs (2nd), Red Sox (4th), Dodgers (6th), and Yankees (7th). On the more affordable end of the spectrum, the Orioles, Rockies, and Giants beat out the Twins.

Furthermore, the site took these findings and broke them down taking into account winning percentage (for the 2019 season, up to June 2nd). Doing this, they found how many work hours it would take (on average) for a family to see a win. Mind you, taking into account winning percentage, this could take multiple games. Cleveland remains the least affordable team (12.7 work hours to see a win), while the Orioles jump from being the most affordable to being the 10th-least affordable. The Orioles are really bad.

The report only shows us the 10 least affordable teams by winning percentage, but using their data, the math to figure out the Twins’ number is pretty elementary. It only takes 4.67 hours of work to see a Twins win (using their win percentage as of July 19). Compare that to the Indians’ 12.7 hours of work, and you’ll get a good idea of just how affordable the Twins really are to their fans. Even just seeing a Tribe game (win or loss) at all takes, on average, about two more hours of work than seeing a Twins win. Take that, Cleveland!

If you’d like to check out the full report by this excellent website (as well as their many other offerings), click this link!