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As 5, Twins 3: Harper (Valley) PiTA

MLB: JUL 13 Twins at Indians Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jake Odorizzi was probably hot today, because it was close to 100 degrees. His pitching, however, wasn’t too hot. It wasn’t the worst day for the Twins righty, but he gave up three runs in five innings, and we’ve come to expect more.

In the first at bat of the game, Odorizzi gave up a home run to Marcus Semien. The As would small ball in another run (single-walk-single) before the Twins even got a chance to bat.

While Odorizzi pitched three scoreless innings, the Twins earned him back the lead. In the second, Miguel Sano took a walk (I know, right,) and resident moist-bedding expert Jason Castro moved him into scoring position. Max Kepler pushed Sano home. The Twins picked up two more runs in the third, as Nelson Cruz took one for the team, and then Marwin Gonzalez went full bomba with two outs. Luis Arreaz was also HBP this inning, but then Sano grounded out. This is a full and total summary of the Twins scoring tonight.

Before Odorizzi left the game, he gave back the tying run. Marcus Semien continued to be his nemesis, and hit a one-out double, before being driven in by Matt Olson. In the top of the sixth, Ryne Harper came out in relief of the Twins’ starter. Harper gave up a ground-rule double to Ramon Laureano, a single to Khris Davis, and the tie. Old friend Robbie Grossman made it to first on a fielder’s choice, stole second, and scored on a single by Chad Pinder to take us to today’s final tally.

Tyler Duffey, Blake Parker, and Zack Littell all pitched scoreless innings for the good guys. Another old friend, Liam Hendricks ended up with a five-out save tonight. Chris Bassitt took the win for Oakland, while Ryne Harper adds the loss to his record.

The Twins only struck out twice tonight, until Hendricks came on. He induced an additional three Ks.


Marwin Gonzalez: 1-for-4, 2RBI, HR

Jason Castro: 2-for-2

Tyler Duffey, Blake Parker, and Zack Littell: 1 IP (each) 1 K (each) 0 runs surrendered (total)


Ryne Harper: 1IP, 3H, 2ER

Max Kepler: 0-for-5, K, 3 LOB

C.J. Cron: 0-for-4, K, 5 LOB

Eddie Rosario: 1-for-4, 4 LOB

Roll Call:

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1 Lars in SLP 68
2 Joefishy 52
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4 doomsdayshark 29
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10 Devereaux 16
11 DBTwinsfan 12
12 bf4mvp 12
13 Imakesandwichesforaliving 9
14 Mrmumph 7
15 TJ Gorsegner 6
16 Uncle Lincoln 6
18 TeamCrazyMatt 2
19 gintzer 2
20 Asthix 2
21 Petron31 2
22 cpappa 1
23 Titus Decker 1
24 mikecardii 1
25 kusko_andy 1
26 prairiedruid 1


Uncle Lincoln: Beefy baseball batter boys better blast bomba bunches before bedtime!

Thanks for stopping by tonight! We’ll see you for the rubber match tomorrow afternoon.