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The Twins should go all-in and trade for Noah Syndergaard

They don’t give the nickname ‘Thor’ to just anyone

MLB: New York Mets at Miami Marlins
With hair like that, it’s almost unfair...
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We’re getting down to the wire. In less than a week, the trade deadline will have passed, and Twins territory will know if they can fully buy into this team (I for one, am all in). At this point, we’ve heard the same names over and over. Bumgarner. Stroman. Yates. But there’s one name that surprisingly hasn’t been thrown around like the others. Noah Syndergaard (aka Thor). Maybe it’s because the Mets are towards the end of a rebuild, but no matter the reason he’s one of the more overlooked players as we move closer and closer to July 31st. We hope and pray that the Twins will be making moves shortly, here’s why they should move in on Thor.

Let’s look at some numbers. Here’s how the big three compare with their career numbers averaged over one season...

162 Game Avg. (stats from

Bumgarner: 14-11, 3.08 ERA, 218 IP, 213/51 SO/BB, 1.113 WHIP

Stroman: 12-11, 3.78 ERA, 203 IP, 163/57 SO/BB, 1.282 WHIP

Syndergaard: 14-8, 3.20 ERA, 206 IP, 223/47 SO/BB, 1.150 WHIP

Looking over these numbers, it seems as though the three are almost identical stat-wise. But when you realize that this is Bumgarner’s 11th season, and he has sputtered since his last All-Star season in 2016. Since that year, MadBum is 15-23, has a 3.41 ERA, and a 1.17 WHIP. Bumgarner will turn 30 a day after the trade deadline, and this might be one of his last years of being a reliable piece in a team’s rotation. Stroman and Syndergaard are 28 and 26 respectively, and both should be nearing the primes of their career. Although Syndergaard has struggled since he tore a muscle in his torso in 2017, he was absolutely dominant his two years prior (23-16, 2.92 ERA, 384/74 SO/BB, 1.098 WHIP, NL Rookie of the Year in 2015, 8th in NL Cy Young voting in 2016). Syndergaard is currently second in the Mets rotation, and he might excel being placed third or fourth in a Twins rotation stacked with solid starters.

The other reason why the Twins should trade for Syndergaard instead of Bumgarner or Stroman is team control. After this season, Twins pitchers Jake Odorizzi, Michael Pineda, and Kyle Gibson might leave for free agency, leaving only 40% of the current rotation under contract (Plus the Twins hold an option on Martin Perez.) Yes, Bumgarner brings postseason success and clutch pitching, but he too is only under contract through this season. Syndergaard, on the other hand, is currently under Mets team control until 2021. If the Twins believe that they will not only be competitive this season, but for years to come, they should focus their assets away from so called ‘rental players,’ who will be testing free agency this winter, and put them towards players who will contributing for years to come.

If the Twins are all in on Syndergaard, the first thing they would need to do is convince the Mets that they are still rebuilding. Although the Mets are currently fourth in the NL East, they are only seven games back from a wild card spot, and have a roster full of talented players. On the other hand, most of those talented players are young (Pete Alonso is 24 years old and is currently on pace to hit ~60 HR this season), and the front office is so disorganized people are throwing chairs at each other. Their manager also seems to be trying to get fired, and is absolutely a lame duck. The Mets are going to be a very good team in a few years, but they should think that they need a few more years to let their players develop. Syndergaard has shown flashes of dominance his entire career, so getting away from the disorganized organization that is the Mets could do wonders for his performance.

If the Twins do want Syndergaard, who would they have to give up? The Mets farm system isn’t anything spectacular after Alonso, OF Michael Conforto, and SS Andres Gimenez, and they are especially weak in the outfield. If I were Levine, I’d offer the Mets either Dashawn Keirsey (OF, #27 Prospect) and Jhoan Duran (RHP, #8 Prospect) or Brent Rooker (OF, #7 Prospect) and Luis Rijo (RHP, #30 Prospect). With the Twins outfield set up for years to come with Buxton, Rosario, and Kepler, giving up an outfield and right-handed prospect to gain a proven talent in Syndergaard would be fine by me.

All in all, Syndergaard could help the Twins for longer than just this season. With a nucleus of young talented players, a deep farm system, and a rejuvenated fan base, this seems like just the start of a dominant stretch. Do you think Syndergaard is the way to go? Are trading the prospects worth the talent? Who from the current rotation would you move to the bullpen? Again, thank you for reading, and go Twins!


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