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The Twins might just want to trade for an outfielder

Hey, if it doesn’t cost much...

Milwaukee Brewers v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

We all know the Twins need to trade for pitchers, both in the bullpen and the rotation—but they have another need we haven’t really been discussing. Before the July 31st trade deadline, I believe the Twins should acquire another position player as well. While their starters are well set, and there is plenty of depth in the infielders, The Twins would be best positioned for a deep playoff run by adding another outfielder.

Yeah, that sounds odd on the surface of things—Eddie Rosario, Byron Buxton, and Max Kepler are one of the best trios in the game. They are also a trio who have all spent time on the Injured List this season. The three have only been in the outfield together 42 times, out of 102 games. Having some depth will be very important for the Twins.

Behind the Twins starters, however, you rapidly run out of depth. Marwin Gonzalez is a non-awful option in a corner, and spent a lot of time in the position for the Astros. He is more of a natural infielder, and is most valuable when allowed to be the jack-of-all-trades swiss army knife the Twins signed him to be. Their other options currently on the big-league roster are Ehire Adrianza or Luis Arraez, who are not outfielders; no matter how well they have acquitted themselves so far. This isn’t the 2014 Twins, infielders in the outfield won’t cut it.

At the minor league level, the Twins have the recently optioned Jake Cave. Cave was a solid option in his debut last season, in lieu of the injured Buxton, but has hit .193/.320/.301 in his sophomore campaign. He also made some very questionable plays during the Yankees series. Maybe he’s a double agent, or maybe he just could be upgraded. LaMonte Wade has also spent time in the Majors, and looked good in limited appearances, but is out for an undetermined amount of time due to his sprained thumb. Wade is also a rookie with a small handful of at-bats, again someone you probably don’t want to rely on in a playoff run.

So, given that the Twins starters are oft-injured, and the depth behind them leave something to be desired, they should look into acquiring a solid option to backup the other outfielders. I have a few suggestions for guys the Twins could pick up

Arizona signed Adam Jones late this offseason, and the veteran outfielder has acquitted himself pretty well. He is hitting .268/.318/.433 while playing 93 games in right field for the Diamondbacks. He has been scuffling more lately, but is well known as a leader. The Twins could offer Arizona a low level prospect or two, and may well be able to acquire Jones on the cheap, as his one year deal expires after this season. If you don’t like Jones, Arizona also could move David Peralta or Jarrod Dyson.

A second option for the Twins to consider is Nicholas Castellanos. The Tigers are listening to offers on basically everyone right now, and Castellanos is a free agent at the end of the season as well. While he started his career as a third-baseman, he has fully transitioned to right field the last few years. Castellanos is hitting .282/.339/.478 in 95 games. He’s a bit more of a liability in the field though.

The third option I see as a potential upgrade is Corey Dickerson of the Pirates. Pittsburgh would like to trade Dickerson due to a roster crunch in their outfield, and the 30-year old corner outfielder is an impending free agent as well. Dickerson also has slightly better looking numbers than the other guys, at .310/.374/.517 and he won a Gold Glove last season. He would be the biggest upgrade of the three, but also probably the most expensive.

All three of these guys have been rumored to be available. Should the Twins pursue any of them?


Should the Twins...

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  • 22%
    Trade for Jones
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  • 7%
    Trade for Castellanos
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  • 20%
    Trade for Dickerson
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  • 49%
    Stand pat
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