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Game 103: Twins @ White Sox

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Maybe they’ll make it the Twindy city.

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
You remember this guy.
Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Time: 7:10 Central. Vegas Line: -147 MIN / +137 CHW

Weather: Some wind gusts, start temp 83°

Opponent’s SB site: South Side Sox

TV: FSN. Radio: The fun of an actual game, minus drunk fans

White Sox starter Dylan Cease will be appearing in his fourth MLB game tonight. He’s pitched all of 16 innings so far. He throws the customary four pitches, and his fastball averages around 96. Fairly good at avoiding long balls in the minors. This is all I know about Dylan Cease.

The Twins will not be trading for Dylan Cease this year, although most fans seem to believe they’ll get somebody before next week’s deadline. They probably will, but it’s not a guarantee. Consider the front office’s four outcomes:

1 — They do nothing, and the Twins have huge playoff success. Yay!

2 — They do nothing, and the Twins miss/get swept in the playoffs. Not ideal, but the front office did say they didn’t expect this year’s team to contend just yet. It’s all about Sticking To The Plan.

3 — They trade for pitching help, and the Twins have huge playoff success. Yay!

4 — They trade for pitching help, and the Twins miss/get swept in the playoffs.

Obviously only the fourth outcome is bad; it means the team gave up prospects for nothing. GMs love to hoard prospects. If every GM’s wish is to be the next Billy Beane, every GM’s nightmare is being the team that passed on Michael Jordan.

So don’t be shocked if the next few days go by and the front office does very little. Or be shocked if they trade for three players before this game is over; trading can be a funny thing.

Moving on, what’s up with Ozzie Guillen these days? You’ll remember him as the manager who labeled 2000s Twins teams “piranhas” (affectionately so). He’s a broadcaster for NBC Sports Chicago (their equivalent of FSN), and seems to enjoy it.

It was the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 this year, but also the 40th anniversary of Chicago’s infamous Disco Demolition Night promotion (the brainchild of current Saints owner Mike Veeck, among others). Here’s a good explanation why celebrating it last month was a bad idea.

Two months ago, this went down for a White Sox photographer:

The next time that happened, he caught the pitch instead.

Finally, thanks to TJ for filling in last Friday! It was an Oakland game, and for those of you who like the Bay Area & sharks, they have sharks nearby now. Supposedly fairly friendly.

Today's Lineups

Max Kepler - RF Leury Garcia - RF
Jorge Polanco - SS Jon Jay - LF
Nelson Cruz - DH Jose Abreu - 1B
Eddie Rosario - LF Yoan Moncada - 3B
Miguel Sano - 3B Ryan Goins - SS
Luis Arraez - 2B James McCann - C
Marwin Gonzalez - 1B AJ Reed - DH
Jason Castro - C Yolmer Sanchez - 2B
Byron Buxton - CF Adam Engel - CF