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White Sox 5, Twins 1: Shake It Off

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Against All Odds, Ivan Nova shut down the Minnesota offense.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t a Heartbreaker, but it wasn’t a Vision of Love, either.

This Saturday night, the Twins said Bye Bye to the offensive production that led them into the weekend. While the White Sox limiting the Bomba Squad to just a solitary run might have seemed like a Fantasy heading into the game, Ivan Nova threw his hat into the ring and said Don’t Forget About Us.

He pitched six innings of two-hit ball, which is enough to qualify you as a Hero against this lineup. Behind him, the Sox dinked around five runs in five separate innings; eliciting strong Emotions from the home faithful. A botched play at home in the second put Chicago on the board first; a sacrifice fly and RBI single added two other runs.

It was One Sweet Day for Yoan Moncada, who showed up with an RBI double and a solo homer. His bat and the baseball knew: We Belong Together.

The only run scored tonight for Minnesota was unearned; a missed pop-up that fell into no-man’s-land in the third. It would have made more sense had the ball been dropping Through the Rain, but it was a sunny, slightly humid, evening at Guaranteed Rate Field.

Obsessed with keeping the Twins off the board, the Sox bullpen combined for three shutout innings, allowing just one hit and nothing that could be described as a rally.

I Still Believe that the game will be on at 1:10 pm CDT tomorrow afternoon.

This recap goes out to Matthew Hannon, the most dedicated Mariah Carey fan you’ll ever meet.


CF Byron Buxton (2-for-3, R, 2B)


Basically the rest of the lineup, minus Marwin Gonzalez