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Waste a few minutes with today’s baseball themed Google Doodle

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Are you really doing anything better at work today?

Google UK Offices, London
The info for this photo says its from an Apple Store, and contains an Apple logo. I think a fact checker needs a performance warning.
Photo by Olly Curtis/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Today’s “Google Doodle” is a baseball mini-game. It’s also goofy, ridiculous, and addictive. But most importantly, its baseball. Since most of you are probably not doing any real work in advance of a four-day weekend, this is a great way to waste ten (or more) minutes of your boss’s time.

Some stray observations:

  • It’s really easy to hit a 500+ foot bomb, but seems to be impossible to clear 1000. The record among the SBNation writers seems to be 975 feet. This pitcher would fit in with the Orioles
  • The hitting physics are at least a little bit realistic though: swing a little ahead, and you pull the ball. Swing behind the ball and you go oppo. Hit it in the sweet spot, and it leaves the park.
  • The batting order is randomly generated among a bunch of “summer” foods. That piece of fried chicken is probably the third baseman. At least if you’re Jim Souhan. You are what you eat, afterall.
  • The peanut pitcher’s hat changes based off what he is about to throw. If he keeps wearing his red hat, he’s going to need Tommy John Surgery.
  • Any infield hit appears to be a single, even a foul chopper, or a bouncer to the second baseman. Any outfield hit is a double, even if its a shallow fly to the shortstop. The peanuts play defense really poorly I guess?
  • Runners won’t go first-to-third, but appear to go as many bases as the hitter. In other words, a double with a man on second will score the runner.
  • Lemonade appears to be the only lefty, but lettuce is a switch hitter.
  • Three total strikes and the game ends.

Let us know which food you think each Twin is in the comments, as well as your record for longest dinger and most runs. See who is the best time-waster at Twinkie Town!