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Twins trade for minor-leaguer Marcos Diplan

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A smaller trade compared to the Dyson one.

This is Marcos Diplan.
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not as big as the Sam Dyson trade that the Minnesota Twins made earlier today, but they did acquire a minor-league pitcher from the Milwaukee Brewers today. Marcos Diplan was designated for assignment recently by the Brew Crew and was exposed to waivers. The Twins were intrigued and traded for him, sending cash considerations to the Brewers.

Diplan has not seen time in the major leagues yet in his career. He was a highly-regarded prospect in the Brewers organisation, but has fallen on hard times this year. In AA ball, he’s posted an ERA of 4.99 in 30 games (five starts and seven games finished). He does have a HR/9 of 0.9 and a K/9 of 9.8, but hits and walks are not good as his WHIP sits at 1.457.

Diplan will be assigned to AA Pensacola by the Twins organisation.