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Looking Ahead: What if the Twins host a playoff series?

Use your imagination

Photo by Cody Glenn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Even after a June that saw the Twins come down a bit from the lofty heights of April and May, the hometown nine sit in the coveted seat of owning the privilege to have a home playoff series. The dreaded Yankees are currently in the first seed in the American League, only a game and a half ahead of the Twins. If these standings were to hold, what conditions should the Twins and their fans expect in October baseball?


Everybody knows that there are two seasons in Minnesota: roadwork and winter. The ALDS is scheduled to take place starting on October 4th, which could theoretically fall under either of these seasons. Looking back at past years, we can know what to expect from the weather.

On October 4th in Minneapolis, the average temperature has been 61 degrees F for a high, and 47 degrees for a low. While neither of these temperatures would exactly be summer baseball, they would be very playable conditions. I can imagine a sunny 61 degree fall day as being just gorgeous for playoff baseball in Target Field. There is also historically a 25% chance of precipitation on October 4th, which is relatively low. Here’s hoping that it’s rain instead of snow if precipitation does decide to fall.


As far as traffic goes, the ALDS would be subject to relatively normal conditions. The one thing in its favor is that MN DOT ought to have wrapped up some summer roadwork projects by then. However, there appear to be no other big events going on during the days the ALDS would take place. The Vikings and Wild will both be out of town, and the Timberwolves will not have started yet.

Other Factors

School will be back in session in Minnesota, so that could negatively affect attendance. However, seeing as it has been many years since the Twins played a playoff game at home, I wouldn’t worry about school or weather or traffic lowering attendance too much.

One possible team that the Twins would be playing in such a series is the Houston Astros, who are known to have some passionate fans. The airport and hotels could be rather busy with traveling fans if a series were to take place here. On the positive side, the cool weather could be more difficult for a warm-weather team and their fans than for the Northerners up here.

A rough month for the 2019 season, June would have been considered positive in any of the past few years. A winning record as the team struggled with injuries and a couple marathon games should be looked at as a positive. Hopefully, the squad will be able to recover from injuries over the All-Star Break and get back to dominating the league. If this is the case, a home playoff series (or two or three) could very well be in the cards this year.