Bombas Squad: What Home Run Records can the Twins break?

Ben Ludeman-USA TODAY Sports
Ed Note: This fanpost was written about a week ago, so the numbers are a bit behind, but it's still a great post.

With three "Bombas" tonight, the Twins have 209 Homers on the year. They are on pace to shatter the record set LAST YEAR by the Yankees, of 267.

But the Twins have a chance to break several other home run records, including how many are spread across ALL of the players. In Bold, the current record, team and year will be displayed. (For the rest of the article, the stats will be real, but the percentages will be entirely made up by me). Most stats are researched by and

Most players with 10+ Home Runs:.2018 Yankees -12

Last year, the Yankees beat the old record of 11 players with 10+ homeruns by adding that elusive 12th man the NFL always talks about. Considering, that a team has 9 starters, (and in the NL this is almost impossible, as their 9th starters rotates on a daily basis), that means you have to have 3 extra players who are good enough to hit a LOT of home runs, but not play every day. On teams with large payrolls, that's easier as they can stash super stars in the wings, but most teams can't do that. The Twins already have 11 players with 10+ homers. While it's possible to get the extra 1 or 2 guys as Adrianza has 4, Astudillo and Arraez both have 2 each... this one's not likely unless someone gets injured and one or more of them go on a tear. Chances of tying or breaking the record < 5%

I'd love to give the stats on 15+ homers, but without going into a LOT of research, most sites don't list it, so we're going to jump to 20 homers. Most players with 20+ Home Runs: 7 teams tied with this record

With Mitch Garver's bomba tonight, the Twins have 4 players with 20+ Home Runs. Cron & Sano both have 18 a piece and Schoop & Polanco have 16 a piece. Gonzalez has 12 and Buxton and Castro have 10 each. There's still about 1/3 of the season left and it's difficult to think that at least three of those four nearest can't stroke the extra dongs necessary to at least tie the record. Chances of tying or breaking this record > 85%

Again, that 25 Home Run record is a bit more elusive. Baseball-Almanac likes it's round numbers and most other sites don't neatly list this version of research, so onto 30+ Home Runs: 12 teams tied with four players with 30+ Home Runs

Kind of amazing that so many teams have so many players with 30+ home runs, but so few have the record for 20+. But, I guess when teams build around power, they truly build around that power. This is where the Twins might struggle to get some guys up there. Kepler and Cruz will very likely hit the 30 Homer mark. But then it becomes a bit of a mystery. Some combination of Rosario, Garver, Sano and Cron will have to get very hot to get to the 4 player mark, let alone achieve the record of five guys. However, Sano and Garver are both hitting the long ball at about one per ever 2.5 games. with 55 games left, they should (theoretically) hit about 22 each. That would put them both into the 40 range. Rosie just needs another seven and we know he can get hot off those high fastballs.
Chances of tying the record of four > 60%
Chances of beating the record with five >38%

The final team mark we'll look at is the amount of guys with 40+ Home Runs: 22 teams tied with two players

Ok... so this one is obviously really tough, as it should be. 40 Home Runs by a single player is the gold standard for a power hitter. Brian Dozier is the ONLY Twin in almost the last 50 years to achieve this record. He did it with 42 Homers in 2016. Harmon Killebrew did it a whopping EIGHT TIMES between 1961 and 1970 and just missed with 39 in 1966. Kepler is probably the only one with real expectations of hitting this mark in 2019, but Cruz, Rosario, Sano and Garver all have a decent chance as well. IF Garver and Sano keep up their current home run pace for the remainder of the season, the Twins will be the ONLY team with three 40+ home run hitters. Cruz's status as a DH actually hurts him a little with the interleague play. He's only likely to come in as a PH and only if Rocco has to, as his other options allow him to swap guys and keep them in the game and prevent the pitching spot to come up for another couple of innings. Chances of tying this record > 20%
Chances of breaking this record >7%

What are your thoughts? Can the current Bomba Squad break the teams their facing? Will the easier schedule for the rest of the year provide extra dongs and dingers to the guys who wouldn't otherwise have much of a chance?