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Its squirrel day on Twinkietown, so grab a “Bomba Squirrel” T-Shirt

Celebrate your favorite Rally Rodent in Breaking T style!

Your favorite (or least favorite) T-Shirt hawking blogger here again, with another great one to take a look at from Breaking T! The same guys who brought you the “Bomba Squad” shirt and coffee mug have another instant classic to look at!

This time it’s recognizing our new Rally Rodent, and unofficial Twins mascot, the Bomba Squirrel! Check this out, you get a luxurious, american-screened navy T-shirt, made of a premium cotton/poly blend, and imprinted with a fabulous design. A lighter blue outline of the state of Minnesota backs the phrase “Bomba Squirrel” and an outline of our favorite little critter in red-and-yellow. In fact, I don’t know why I am using words, when a thousand of them still won’t be the equal to this picture.

As usual, they’re only 28 bucks, which really isn’t much for a nice-quality shirt. You can also check out some of the previous designs through the link, just in case you missed one that you really wanted. Maybe snag something cool for your kids to wear back-to-school, or a conversation starter for casual friday. Because who doesn’t want to give their coworkers a reason to talk to them, right?

If you’re all-in on the rally squirrel, you should probably stop reading and click here. If not, you should still check out the shirt, because its one of my personal favorites we have ever run in partnership with Breaking-T. If one of you is looking to bribe your favorite blogboss, I’ll take a medium.