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Off Day Trivia: Squirrels and Tigers

Test your knowledge of Twins history


The Twins have an off day today before taking on the Tigers this weekend, so we are bringing back “off day trivia.” See how many of these questions you can get right, and feel free to post your guesses in the comments. The answers are at the bottom, just click to see them. No prizes, just bragging rights.

  1. Name the former Twin with the nickname “Squirrel”
  2. Name the Minnesota-born player with the longest MLB career who is not in the Hall Of Fame. (hint, he was a Twin for part of his career)
  3. Since 1900, three MLB managers have been born in Minnesota. Two (Tom Kelly and Paul Molitor) managed the Twins. Who was the third?
  4. Which Manager has the best winning percentage in franchise (Twins + Senators) history
  5. Throughout history, the Twins have scored more runs against the Tigers than they have against any other MLB team. Which team have the Twins scored the fewest runs against?
  6. 181 players have played for both the Twins and Tigers. Name the most recent player to have done so.
  7. What was the last season a Twin won both the AL MVP and AL Cy Young award, and who were the players?
  8. What was the last season a Tiger won both the AL MVP and AL Cy Young award, and who were the players?
  9. Two Tigers hitters have won the triple crown. Who were they?
  10. The last time a Twins pitcher threw a complete game shutout against the Tigers, it happened twice in a two week span. Who were the pitchers, and what was the year?

Click here to see the answers