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Twins 11, Royals 9: Why Not?

Wins is better than loses.

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins
Somebody was really confused what’s happening here and it wasn’t me.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

This is starting to get seriously fun.

A five-run seventh inning put Minnesota ahead of Kansas City for good, including a key RBI from Luis Arraez. Box score here. I liked it. Twins baseball hasn’t been this giddily enjoyable since 2010.

Where the blistering fart did Luis Arraez come from? Eight orbits of the dang moon? Despite being accused of dumbness, which has some validity, I do read pretty much everything smart people write about baseball, and before this year, I never read half a hell to anything about Luis Arraez. He wasn’t on anybody’s top prospects list.

This does not mean the smart people were wrong, or that we shouldn’t pay attention to them. “I don’t pay attention to no high-falutin experts.” No, it’s best to pay attention to them, because they can teach you things you didn’t know. Some people know more stuff than you, and assuming nobody does is simply willful ignorance.

But, can they be incorrect, at times? Sure. Anybody can. Humans aren’t always right about everything. Neither are wombats or reasonably friendly pieces of cheese. But we can still enjoy them. The ones who aren’t mean, anyways. Not that cheese is generally ever mean, but you get my point.

Part of the joy of baseball is that unpredicted things can and will happen. If you saw Luis Arraez coming, feel free to express such in the comments below.

Comment of the broadcast: Gladden saying, postgame, that he was “talking with Reusse,” and that’s almost entirely the 100% most Gladden thing Gladden would say. Robot Roll Call:

Cleveland won, so the Twins’ lead is still 3 games. That this season would be very close, I did predict, whatever predictions are worth and my basic assumption is they aren’t worth much; prophecy is not my bag.

Lewis Thorpe was sent back to Rochester after pitching 1.2 innings, somebody else will be called up, or C.J. Cron will be activated from the disabled list. Game tomorrow starts at 6:10.