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Monday Morning Minnesota: Dingers, trades, and cat pics edition

All the dongs under the sun.

Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Hey it’s moment in time arbitrarily designated as the start of the work week again! Oh no! Since Twinkie Town hasn’t had much lately outside of recaps (Which are always great, go read SooFoo’s from last night, he’s a pro.) due to our preparations for returning home to our lizard people planet after the imminent destruction of your pathetic earth being busy or something, I’m going to round up some semi-recent fan posts that intrigue me.

This is the somewhat unnecessary header for those fan posts I mentioned 1 sentence ago!

Other Links About the Twins, Yo!

More Bases. More Balls.

Today’s soundtrack is barf

Wanting to play River City Ransom with me whenever I want is the main thing I look for in a man. Yet somehow I’m single.