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Let your Joe Mauer minifig hit singles at your brick replica Target Field from FOCO

I know what I’m going to spend my weekend doing.

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I know some of you really don’t like when I try to sell you something. That’s alright, but this post isn’t for you. Check out our other great posts! If you’re a giant nerd like I am, however, you might want to keep reading. That’s because I’m only going to tell you about stuff I’m personally geeking out over.

You might remember FOCO from the awesome Game of Thrones/MLB crossover bobbleheads earlier this season. We now have the opportunity to introduce you their line of “brxlz” brick replicas.

Anyway, the folks over at FOCO have some pretty cool stuff, but the nerdy ‘90s kid in me absolutely loves these the most. I’m not saying the L-E-G-O word, but these figures and bricks all appear to be structurally similar. The centerpiece of the collection should probably be the nearly 2400 piece replica of Target Field. It has a completed footprint of about 12” x 10” and stands about 3.5” high. It’ll set you back around $80.

If you prefer something a bit more modest, check out their TC Bear model. TC has just under 800 pieces in his construction, and only costs around $30 to add to your collection.

Finally, we come to my absolute favorite—A Joe Mauer minifig. I’m not sure why, but I’m sort of obsessed with it. He’s 2 inches tall, looks kind of like Joe Mauer, and really, really needs to be added to memorabilia shelf. He’s also only $5, so he could be a really fun gift for somebody. Alternatively, if you’ve ever really wanted to reenact Joe Mauer in the wild west, on a pirate ship, the Star Wars universe, or anywhere else minfigs have gone, well, you’re in luck too.

All of the items featured above are officially licensed, and unofficially badass. They are designed as desk or shelf decor, and not really as toys, and recommended for fans ages twelve and up. This isn’t FOCO’s whole collection of Twins collectables, either, so check it out. All of the links above will take you directly to the page to purchase, if you are interested.