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Twinkie Town Talk: The Juiced Balls and Boring Baseball Edition

I would also like to hear about your grilling skills.

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The Minnesota Twins have stumbled into an important four-game set against their American League Central foes, the Cleveland Indians. Here’s some linkaroos to tide you over until the game tonight!

We wrote some stuff about the Twins!

Other people wrote some stuff about the Twins!

Other other people wrote some stuff about the baseball!

  • Okay, still kinda Twins-related... A former Twins position player was pitching with a former Twins player catching and a former Twins player hit a home run off of said former Twins position player. Let’s get the band back together?
  • Forbes takes a look at one of the rule changes implemented in the Atlantic League and how it could make it a speedier game - and not in the “reducing time” sense.
  • Some players believe the ball is juiced, some don’t, some like it, some don’t, and some don’t care. Most just want to move on.
  • Someone thinks baseball is boring and asks what MLB is going to do to get today’s generation into the game for good.

Discussion topic for today:

What is your favorite food to grill and why? (If you’re willing to share your secrets, that is.)