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The Bomba Chase: a “British game show” featuring the Twins versus the Yankees

The only thing being “chased” right now is me, out of the comments.

National Television Awards - Show
We laugh because the Yankees cause so much pain.
Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Welcome to The Bomba Chase. I’m your host, Badly Washed.

After commercial, we’ve got one contestant remaining for the Final Bomba Chase. Welcome back, the Minnesota Twins.

Thanks, Bad.

Your Chaser for this, the Pinstripe, has dominated the rest of your fellow contestants, and you’re the only one standing. Are you ready?


Then let’s begin the Final Bomba Chase.

(dramatic lights and music)

Your timer starts now. What is the quickest way for a batter to acknowledge a bomba?


Right. Which bomba-smashing Twin is known as “Boomstick”?

Nelson Cruz.

Right. The current Twins leader in bombas has hit how many to this point?


Right, very good! What is the most acceptable slang for a bomba on Twinkie Town?


Dinger or dong, right. How many...

(fast-forwarding a whole bundle of questions)

...Right. Who has hit the only grand slam for the Twins this—

Byron Buxton.

Right. How much power is there in the Minnesota lineup?



Right. Wow... 276 bombas. That might be hard for our Chaser to pass, but they’re a strong player. Please welcome back, the Pinstripe.

(dramatic entrance music)

Well, the New York Yankees, the Pinstripe. The contestant got 276 bombas. Might be unsurpassable.

It’ll certainly be a lot to handle.

Twins, you know what a powerhouse the Pinstripe is. You might have to rely on pushbacks. Pinstripe, are you ready?


Your clock starts now. Yankee Stadium is nicknamed “The House That” which famous slugger “Built”?

Babe Ruth.

Right. What is Aaron Judge’s nickname?

“All Rise.”

Right. Who leads the 2019 Yankees in home runs?

Gary Sanchez.

That’s wrong, stop the clock. Twins, you can push the Pinstripe back here: who leads the 2019 Yankees in home runs?

Gleyber Torres.

Right; the Pinstripe is pushed back a correct answer. The clock will start again now. In what year did the Yankees set the previous MLB home run record?


Right. Who...

(wearing out the fast-forward button again)

...That is right, and the Pinstripe is pushed back again; this is going to be close. Less than ten seconds left, three away; the clock starts again now. Who hit the longest home run at the new Yankee Stadium?

Aaron Judge.

Right. Who went back-to-back with Aaron Judge to become the first rookies—

Tyler Austin.

That is right! Who—