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SBNation FanPulse: Majority of fans like the Twins’ odds to win the AL Central

I think this means it’s going to happen

In SB Nation’s weekly FanPulse poll, fans were asked a handful of questions about their favorite team and MLB as a whole. One of the questions asked was “who will win the AL Central?” The voters overwhelmingly selected the Twins as the favorite.

Is the PAC-MAN theme stuck in anyone else’s head? Now it is.
SB Nation

I’d imagine the odds are getting a little tighter now that the Twins are dealing with several injuries and the suspension of Michael Pineda, but the upcoming Cleveland series should really answer some questions about the Twins’ postseason status.

Also in the poll, Twins fans were asked how they felt about the direction of the team, and almost all of you said you were confident! Thanks for being optimistic.

SB Nation

If we listened to those fans on Twitter and Facebook who insist the sky is falling with every defeat, we’d all be terrified about the outcome of the season. As it turns out, when a team is 33 games over .500, most people feel pretty good about things! Let’s just enjoy the ride, everyone.