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Nationals 12, Twins 6: And everything just falls apart

Or how not to win a baseball game

Washington Nationals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Kyle Gibson came off the IL to make this start, perhaps the Twins should have seen the one hour rain delay as a cosmic message telling them “Nope, maybe not.”

Basically yeah, we got bad Gibby.

Briefly he tricked us into thinking the opposite, getting two relatively quick outs to start the game. Then Anthony Rendon hit an Anthony Rendong. Juan Soto hit a single but got TOOTBLANed when Eddie Rosario threw the ball behind the runner. Textbook play.

Rosario would then single in Luis Arraez in the bottom of the inning, tying the game right back up. Just like all of my relationships, it wouldn’t last long.

Gibson would load the bases in the 3rd, allow a run on an almost double play, and then allow another run on a single sandwiched between two strikeouts. Nelson Cruz kept the game interesting with a solo bomba that traveled approximately 789 feet, keeping the Twins within one.

Adam Eaton dingered up a donger to lead off the Nats 5th, and after a walk, a few outs, and a an RBI triple, Gibson’s day was over. Cody Stashak, a real player I totally know about, came in to face Brian Dozier (I miss you Brian) and managed to get him to pop out for the third out. Not before a passed ball allowed another run though, always gotta get that passed ball in. Cruz managed another RBI in the Twins 5th, but the guy can’t win the game on his own.

Its the 6th now, someone is pitching, but I really don’t care to look up who. Hey look Rendon just hit a 2-RBI double! Wow! Is that Juan Sota with another Nats solo shot? Why yes, yes it is. Good eyesight.

In the bottom of the 8th the Twins made it more heartbreaking interesting. Jonathan Schoop hit a two run blast to make the score 10-5. The dream lineup of Ronald Torreyes, Ryan LaMarre, and LaMonte Wade all reached, with Torreyes scoring on the Wade single. Old Friend Fernando Rodney came in, walked Jason Castro to load the bases, knowing that such a situation is Twins kryptonite. Then he struck out the next two batters and sent my soul to the shadow realm, where it still resides hoping to be revived by a Twins sweep of Cleveland.

Yan Gomes homered in the 9th to tack on two more runs for the Nationals, because of course he did.

At least Willians Astudillo is adorable and I love him.




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