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Game 147 (for real this time): Twins at Cleveland

Short a Jorge homer, the Twins will take another crack in Cleveland.

Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

First Pitch: 12:10 pm CDT


Radio: TIBN

One thing is for certain — Mike Clevinger will be on the mound in the first inning for Cleveland.

Everything else is just a little bit up in the air. With Jake Odorizzi burning his start last night, and the team already planning on a bullpen day this evening, circumstances have changed to the point that the Twins will be throwing out an endless barrage of relief pitchers for both games today.

This afternoon, it’s the first of back-to-back bullpen games for Minnesota. At the time of writing, the starter/opener/first reliever/whatever you want to call it has yet to be determined, as Rocco Baldelli and Wes Johnson formulate their gameplan.

The offensive gameplan is simple — hit a metric ton of homers and hope we can get away with it. Clevinger is having another excellent (if short) year, and could easily have a comfortable early lead to work with.

If the Twins win today, they will have achieved their first 90-win season since Target Field opened in 2010. So get your party hats ready!