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Community discussion: What will you remember from this season?

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There are technically four games left in the 2019 MLB season, but for the Twins, it’s pretty much over. The Yankees need one more win to lock the Twins into the number three seed, and that is probably the likely outcome. The Twins will probably get some guys rest, and that is just fine. So, with the 2019 regular season pretty much in the books, let’s look back.

What will you remember about the 2019 Twins season? Obviously the playoffs are yet to come, and who knows how that will end, but what is the moment or theme of the regular season for you?

Personally, there are a few big things that will stand out. The Bomba squad itself will be noteworthy, but how unexpected this team was is the biggest takeaway for me. Even a month ago, a vocal portion of the fanbase seemed to welcome the idea of being disappointed, yet here we are, division champions and quite possibly setting a home run record, even after setting several others this season.

For you, perhaps it’s the year of the squirrel, or the season where the rookie pitchers all stepped up. Perhaps the Twins were an escape for you this summer. Whatever stands out, this is your place to share it!