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Twins 10, Tigers 4: Got 99 wins, and this was one

Gonna get the big 100 next!

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The Twins won, but doesn’t even matter at this point, lol, they already clinched.

Aaaand PUBLISH. I’ll take my paycheck please.





Oh, you want details of the game? Really? Okay, I guess! Here goes nothing.

Your AL Central Champs were mostly hungover (probably) so the twins held open auditions for the playoff roster and sent the C-Squad (and poor ineligible Ryan LaMarre who must have had a bittersweet time at the clinch party.) out to face the Detroit Tigers (rawr) at a rather inconsequential game of baseball.

Minnesota struck first in the top of the 3rd when Ian Miller singled in Ronald Torreyes. Classic Ian and Ron. Miguel Cabrera evened the score in the Tigers half of said inning with an RBI groundout. Do you think players are actually that happy when they get RBI groundouts? It has to be the most disheartening success in the game.

The game wouldn’t be tied long, as Jonathan Schoop, a player you are actually used to, base knocked in Willians Astudillo, living mascot. The back and forth continued in the bottom of the inning when Willi Castro and Victor Reyes both hit RBI singles.

To the surprise of no one, the Tigers lead would again not last long. Yet more RBI singles happened in the top of the 5th, this one off the bat of Astudillo. Jake Cave then tripled Astudillo in and scored himself on a wild pitch. Victor Reyes would do another RBI single for the Tigers in the 6th, but his team would never again have the lead.

Schoop and Astudillo would tack on more runs with decisively non-single bombas. Lamonte Wade also did the single RBI thing. Neato.


STUDS: Williaaaaaanss Astudiiiiiiilllo (4 for 5)

DUDS: No way.


I usually do a little thank you thing during my last recap of the season, but I’m going to be a postive thinksmith and assume I’ll get another in the playoffs. SO NO THANKS YET TO ANY OF YOU.