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Game 160: Twins @ Royals

These buds are for you.

I’m using this picture because I like it and I might not get a chance to use it again. I broke the little fan while taking it but it was already broken anyhoo

Time: 7:15 Central. Vegas Line: if you’re betting on this game you might really think about taking your gambling jones down just a notch

Weather: 76° at first pitch, It Looks Like Rain

Opponent’s excellent SB site: Royals Review

TV: FSN. Radio: yeah, maybe, depends on sky gods

This is the gamethread, with a photo of the only backyard plant I didn’t manage to kill this summer.

I had a whole thing based on fantastic comments by 2wins87 and BeefMaster, which was going to be a separate post, but I lost it.

Previous siterunners have told me that when I have a halfway decent intro bit, I should make game intros into a separate post. It’d help them with daily post numbers and what not (reasons these siterunners quit siterunning). So I tried. I wrote it yesterday, attempted to make it a separate post today, it got deleted, whoops. Ain’t gonna type it twice.

Basically, the history of champagne celebrations is expressed best by this excellent Arash Markazi article. It’s a great article, check it out. Apparently, live footage of Harmon Killebrew getting beer showered by teammates (a devout Mormon, Killebrew was no drinker) inspired pretty much every team that followed to do the same dang thing and waste perfectly good bubbly/beer by spraying it everywhere. Once it’s been on TV, though, it’s a thing, everybody’s gotta do it.

Here’s 1965 Twins broadcasters Ray Scott and Halsey Hall in a beer ad. Forgive the first few seconds of distortion; you’ll love the end of it, I promise.

Actually, I’m not too tiffed that intro got lost, this version had the same in less words. Yay computer effups! And thanks BeefMaster/2wins87 even if you have no idea what I’m referring to here!

Bring on the Ronald Torreyes:

Today's Lineups

Miguel Sano - 3B Whit Merrifield - 2B
Jake Cave - RF Jorge Soler - DH
Nelson Cruz - DH Hunter Dozier - 3B
Eddie Rosario - LF Alex Gordon - LF
Willians Astudillo - C Ryan McBroom - RF
C.J. Cron - 1B Ryan O'Hearn - 1B
Jonathan Schoop - 2B Nicky Lopez - SS
Ryan LaMarre - CF Meibrys Viloria - C
Ronald Torreyes - SS Brett Phillips - CF