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Twins 6, Royals 2, 7 inn. (sky gods made water)

Game was called early, since everybody’d already bought a $6.00 hot dog by that point

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
Dude are you creepy or cool or some kinda dugout Merlin I DON’T KNOW
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Entirely predictable and predicted precipitation ended tonight’s meaningless Twins game early. Under normal circumstances, I’d be railing on Royals officials for letting ticket buyers in to buy overpriced concessions then cancelling the game, but the National Weather Service says rain is about a 50% chance all weekend. So there really wasn’t much else that Royals officials could do.

Minnesota’s pitchers were good, as if that means anything against the Yankees, and hitters were good, which will mean absolutely everything against the Yankees. You know their names. Robot Roll Call:

Comment Of The Gamethread goes to longtime blog friend Joel Hernandez for inspiring undergrads to be like him. Presumably in their fields of study/expertise, not general comment thread annoyingness. To Dr. Joel, I say “well done,” and, also, “Hi.”