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Twins finalize deals with five of seven arbitration eligible players

Berrios and Sano have not come to an agreement with the team

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins entered today with seven players eligible for arbitration.

  • Tyler Duffey: agreed to deal. Reported at $1.2 million
  • Trevor May: agreed to deal. Reportedly $2.205 million (updated 8:05)
  • Taylor Rogers: agreed to deal. Reported to be $4.45 million (updated 8:05pm)
  • Byron Buxton: agreed to deal. Reported at $3.075 million
  • Eddie Rosario: agreed to deal. Reported to be $7.75 million (updated 7:50pm)
  • Miguel Sano: no deal. Signed 3-year extension, worth $30 million (updated 7:50pm)
  • Jose Berrios: no deal. Reportedly asking for $4.4 million. Team number is $4.025 million (updated 8:05 pm)

In baseball, arbitration means is process in which the team and player submit their salary proposals to a third party who makes a determination which proposal will be accepted. This process can be avoided with the player and team coming to an agreement like the five we saw today.

Jose Berrios and Miguel Sano are still completely under team control. Although they did not agree to a deal today, they can still do it before the hearing would occur in February. It is likely both players think they deserve more than what the Twins are offering.

The only salaries we know of so far are for Buxton and Duffey. Buxton got $3.075 million and Duffey got $1.2 million.