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Donaldson signs with the Twins thanks to your grandmother’s famous hotdish

He’s a hungry man, what can I say?

Chicken Pot Tot Hotdish

It was no secret that the Minnesota Twins were “in” on third baseman Josh Donaldson, who signed with the team last night for a guaranteed four years and $92 million. Reports said that the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals were also looking to woo “The Bringer of Rain” to their respective rosters before the start of the 2020 season. But was Donaldson demanding something else?

A source has confirmed that a sticking point between Donaldson and the Twins was a very specific ask from the free agent: he wanted your grandmother to make her famous hotdish for him every week once he is signed. Now he’ll get it.

“Everyone I talk to that has connections in Minnesota raves about three things: the state fair, ‘Minnesota nice’, and tater tot hotdish. So why not have one of those every week?” said the 34-year-old. When asked if he has any preferences on the recipe, he stated: “It has to have cheese. I found recipes online that don’t have cheese. What’s wrong with them? Oh - and absolutely no peas. They’re disgusting.”

Your grandmother was found to have the perfect recipe that fit Donaldson’s request. Originally from the Tyler, Minnesota, area and now residing at a retirement community in Marshall, Minnesota, your grandmother has been a lifelong Twins fan and has been religiously listening to them on ‘CCO when she can. “Uffda, those west coast games get pretty late,” she mentioned one time during a small Memorial Day family gathering. But was she be willing to comply with the organization’s ask?

“Oh dear, I don’t know,” she responded at first, bringing her hand to her cheek. “Well, I’d have to get on the bus at the right time to go to Hy-Vee and haul all the groceries on and off the bus. That’s a lot of work, but maybe your grandfather can help me out,” she thought out loud. “How would I get it there and have it still be warm? Nobody likes a cold hotdish.”

The source indicated that the Twins are willing to figure out the logistics of getting a warm hotdish from Marshall to Target Field or an opposing team’s city. But what makes her hotdish - which has won first prize in the Lyon County Fair for fifteen years running - so special?

“That’s a family secret,” replied your grandmother with a smile on her face. “Nothing fancy like the Colonel’s chicken, but a couple extra ingredients makes it what it is. Of course, one of them is love.”

Donaldson has been noted as saying that he would prefer that the Minnesota staple be delivered on Mondays. “Always start the week off on the right foot,” he said. Your grandmother agreed. “Good - that won’t interfere with bingo since that’s on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.”

The team is also going to kick in some money to help with costs, the source said.

“Oh some extra money would certainly be nice. Your grandfather spends enough on the slots at the casino the way it is,” she quipped, glaring at her husband sitting in the recliner in a corner of the room.