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Randy Dobnak would like you to know he is not your HR rep

Divisional Series - Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees - Game Two Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

After tweeting out a New Years Eve photo that shows exactly why people are confused, Twins starter Randy Dobnak would like to clarify for you that he does not work in HR for your company.

Randy and his wife look pretty happy, right? They are clearly enjoying celebrating New Years in style, and good for them. Apparently Dobnak also looks like he should be your HR rep, as he had several people approach him with questions about their benefits during the party.

Dobnak was quoted saying “Yeah, I dunno if its the glasses or what, but that guy over there in the blue sweater was asking about 401k matching, and a guy earlier was asking me about his health insurance. Like I haven’t paid attention to that stuff since college, its not like Uber had any benefits.”

“Some lady even walked up to me on the street the other day, asking about me about her PTO balance, and if she could roll it over to next year. I’m just like ‘what are you even asking me about?’”

The rookie right-hander issued a further statement this morning: “Look, I just want to make it clear. I can drive a car, or throw a baseball, but don’t talk to me about your HR stuff. I’m not your HR guy. I mean, I could totally get a job doing it, I did make the Dean’s List as an accounting and business administration double major, but I’d rather play baseball. Please, stop asking me about that stuff. The only HR I care about right now is the bombas”

Following his statement, someone walked up to Dobnak and asked him if he could make sure to bring more chocolate donuts to the next meeting.

Here at Twinkie Town we do have a suggestion for Dobnak: Ditch the beard! No one thought you looked like the HR guy when you had the legendary Dobstache.